Age Appropriate

I realize that I should have elaborated a bit when I mentioned what I liked about Plum Sykes’ article in April’s Vogue. She says: ‘Age is an issue here. In general, I recommend that shorts advance downward as the wearer’s years advance upward.”

Isn’t age an issue everywhere clothes are concerned?

Looking back at my posts from Dublin I realize that lots of what I dislike, in the huge sweeping generalizations I made about how Irish ladies dress, can usually be found on women under the age of thirty. Just as all the best-dressed ladies at Punchestown were not in their twenties, I have noticed over the past week here in NYC that the best dressed ladies tend to be younger.

I find that for some reason older American women tend to dress in clothes better suited for their daughters. Perhaps because women here are surrounded by images of stars in their forties with fabulous bodies (a la Sandra Bullock, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston) who can wear the mini skirts, tight jeans, and body hugging dresses and spend a lot of time and effort to do so. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to have an amazing body and to want to show it off when you are over forty. I think it is a fabulous thing. I just think that there are certain items of clothing (skirts that rise above mid-thigh, short shorts, open backed tight shirts, to name a few) that are better left to the younger generation.

I feel like an old fart when walking home along Harcourt street in Dublin on a Thursday night gawping at the barely legal girls trying to blag their way into the clubs that line that street. The only thing that comes into my head is ‘where are their mothers?! Who let them out like this?’

But back on this Island, I feel the opposite: I am constantly wondering why some women want to dress like their daughters.

Age Appropriate

2 thoughts on “Age Appropriate

  1. biz says:

    Yes indeed – although wasn’t it the Irish who invented the phrase “mutton dressed as lamb”? Maybe that’s more apt for America these days…Although the vast swinging slabs of wrinkled flesh referred to as upper arms (or bingo wings) filled me with such terror as a child that I was passionate about older women (that is, over 10) wearing long sleeves…perhaps the only fashion issue I was ever passionate about!

  2. Annie says:

    Agreed. And I really like sleeves anyway, I think they can be very sexy. However, if you are called Michelle Obama, I am all for getting those arms out. Those arms should be shared with the world….

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