A Common (Shoe) Bond

In the style section of The New York Times, there was a little snip-it on footwear: New York vs. Parisian footwear to be exact. “Comfort drives New York fashion . . . everywhere the flat shoe. It’s like an epidemic.” I have always found that walking the line between fashionable shoes and comfortable shoes is a tricky one. On most days no New York lady is afraid to put comfort first. Simply look to the fact that Hunter wellies have become so fashionable over here that Jimmy Choo designed a pair. In Tommy Hilfiger’s winter collection models wore LL Bean snow boots. Comfort is fashionable. There are all sorts of sexy flat shoes on the market. Women don’t have to walk to work in runners and change at the office; fashionable, yet health conscious ladies can walk comfortably to work in a fabulous looking pair of flats.

And I think the same is true for Dublin. Because as I mentioned a while ago, walking is the best way to get around, so flat shoes are generally the most comfortable. I notice lots of cute flats around Dublin with bling or bedazzlement on the toes. In both cities I find myself reaching for more comfortable, flatter shoes. (There was, however, one disastrous day in Dublin when I wore my favourite hot pink flats, then it rained ALL DAY, then my shoes filled with water and then my feet were turned hot pink. Yuck. But I’ve gotten better at dressing for Dublin weather. I think.)

Note to the Yanks: Women in Dublin love their boots. Boots of all different styles. Because it is never too hot or too cold, a few pairs of cute boots is really all you need, all year. And boots would have prevented that disastrous story relayed above.

I am a champ at walking in high heels (if I can toot my own horn for a moment); I love them, I own (maybe) too many pairs and I can even run in high heels. I love high heels. But I would not put a pair on and head out for the day in either city. A night out…that’s a different thing.

Now, I’m not saying we should all be walking around wearing Clark’s school shoes, though they are very comfortable (and I just want to say here that Clark’s has done a fabulous job recently with their designs. There are more than one pair of shoes I have on my radar for summer in there). But this is one thing that I think New York and Dublin really do have in common: women wear smart, sensible, but also cute footwear.

A Common (Shoe) Bond

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