SATC2: Are you kidding me?!

I did enjoy the madness and complete outragousness of Sex and the City 2. Is it a great movie? No. Are the clothes fabulous and over the top? Yes. I watched it in Harlem which probably makes it ten times better because the audience vocally responds with likes and dislikes. There’s nothing like hearing ‘Damn, Girl, leave your girlfriends out of it for once’ during a (brief) more serious scene.

I thought one of the more embarrassing things was the character of Charlotte’s Irish nanny. Firstly, Alice Eve’s accent isn’t great. But who cares? Americans completely accept silly Irish accents as real. Secondly, her name is Erin. The only Erins I know are Americans. The writers did this for the one joke they could get out of the whole character: ‘Erin Go Bra-less’. Please. And then to add insult to injury, (SPOILER ALERT!) it turns out the reason she doesn’t wear a bra is because she is a lesbian. Obviously.

I would like to believe that Americans won’t take that smaller side character seriously, but in a movie rife with bad, glaring generalizations, lots of people may. So I just want to say, I am sorry that for the next little while you lovely Irish women will have to put up with Americans (women and gay men only, I’m sure) wondering about your underwear choices. Or even  just assuming that if you are an Irish lesbian you won’t be wearing a bra.

What I did appreciate, however, was the character’s lovely natural healthy look. No fake tan in sight. She did look as though she had just stepped off a farm in the Irish countryside. Aside from the bra issue, that is not such a bad way to be portrayed, no? Because most Americans probably believe you all live on farms anyway, so…..

Oh Hollywood….For this kind of movie, just show is the clothes. (And Liza Minelli)

SATC2: Are you kidding me?!

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