Maxi Madness

Not one to jump into the cool kids’ trend too early, I’ve been sitting back and watching the summer maxi dress parade with mild confusion. In New York city, why anyone would want anything to cover so much of their body was beyond me. However, while in London in early July, so many ladies were rocking a cotton maxi my confusion lessened–it’s not AS hot, and evenings are cool–but I still didn’t consider one for myself. It was a bit too ‘trendy’ and you know I like to stay away from the ‘in’ fashion moments. It didn’t help that two very good male friends in London said they thought maxis were awful looking. They said they look forward to summer for light, flowing (read: body skimming) sun dresses, not full length body covering cotton. Fair point.

But women’s fashion is rarely about men, and since mid-July (and being back in NYC) I didn’t consider that I would want to join this summer fashion movement.

Until there was a cotton, stripped, sleeveless maxi dress for $10 at the Gap. It fit, it felt a little like a nighty (which is kind of sexy), but best of all it kept me pretty warm on a long, freezing, bus ride down to DC. It keeps me a reasonable temperature when I step from the sweltering subway platform onto a freezing carriage. This is a trend that I didn’t want to adopt mostly because it was a trend, but I have to say, I feel very happy with my new maxi.

And best of all, it will be perfect for the move back to Dublin in September. I won’t want to let go of summer fully, but it will keep me that little bit warmer in a city that doesn’t quite reach the temps of an NYC summer. In fact, it is a perfect summer to fall garment, especially in Ireland where you can get summer, autumn and winter in one day. The maxi is a smart little piece after all.

Maxi Madness

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