A Subtle Announcement.

Noooooooo!!!!!!! Why??????? Really?????? Yes. It’s a fact. If it weren’t for the grey rainy day, I would not believe that was Dublin. Now, right in the centre of Dublin, on the iconic College Green, there is a Starbucks, an Abercrombie, an American Apparel and an Apple Store. Suddenly it doesn’t feel so different to NYC after all.

I know that Dublin isn’t the quaint little Northern European city that many Americans want it to be when they come to visit, and I am happy to live in a modern, fun town. But this Americanizing of the centre of town is not what I want either. Yuck. Yick.

And also, really. C’mon. I can appreciate that handsome headless torso as much as anyone, but that is NYC style big. Too big for Dublin. And you can tell the dude waxes. All in all, it’s slightly depressing for me. And depressing is never sexy.

ā€¦…. the clothes aren’t even that great ā€¦….fact ā€¦…

A Subtle Announcement.

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