Galoshes. The Next Big Thing?

I had a fashion issues last weekend. I don’t often have fashion issues. I consider myself a low maintenance kind of woman. But I do love shoes. Dublin is hard on shoes in general, and these past few weeks with the wind and the rain arriving on a moments notice at least once a day, it is really hard (and rather stupid) to risk any footwear but boots.


Last Friday I planned to wear a nice pair of shoes out to meet my friends for a glass of wine. I was taking the bus into town, which allows higher heels and more delicate shoes to be a part of the evening. But as I was leaving the house, a little black rain cloud descended over Dublin 6 and an icy, driving rain forced me back inside. Rather than risk any time in the wind and rain in those nice high heels, I sighed, pulled on my boots, and headed off into the night.


Here in Dublin it is time to bring back galoshes. My grandmother would be amazed that I feel this way. One of my earliest, clearest memories is of throwing a fit when she asked me to wear galoshes over my patent leather Mary Janes. I was three. My meltdown was complete. I would not put ugly rubber shoes over my pretty party shoes, I did not care if the snow was going to ruin them.


As a mature, shoe-loving adult living in Dublin, I have had a change of heart. I think galoshes could be lifesavers. Ok, “lifesavers” is probably a bit dramatic. Galoshes could be fashion savers. They are shoe savers. Galoshes would live in your purse and be there if/when they were needed. You wouldn’t have to worry about whether or not it would rain when you want to wear your nice shoes out! I mean, watch this video to see!:


I do realize I am not in the majority when I talk about wanting to bring back galoshes as a fashion staple for the modern woman. There are plenty of Dublin ladies who don’t seem to mind the wind, rain, or sleet on any part of their exposed skin let alone their shoes when they are on a night out. But for those of us who do care, I think galoshes could be the item that blows the winter-shoe-vs-winter-weather depression clean out of the water.

This is my next step in my “Granny Chic” makeover. I have a bridge club, and now I want to wear galoshes. Whatever about turning into your mother, I may be turning into my grandmother. 

Galoshes. The Next Big Thing?

3 thoughts on “Galoshes. The Next Big Thing?

  1. Reblogged this on The Full Irish American Breakfast and commented:

    Ok, my phone’s weather app tells me we are in for another five (at least! FIVE!) days of rain here in Dublin. It’s starting to feel oppressive. I wrote this years ago and I feel like it needs to be mentioned again: Galoshes are where it’s at.

    But. If the sun is reading this and would like to come out, please, please do. Thank you.

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