Rathmines Public Library

From Across the Road.

I was excited to see that my local public library had re-opened after a long renovation. The Rathmines Public Library is a beautiful building at the top of Rathmines Road. For you non-Dublin readers, that’s about a twenty minute walk straight up and out of the city centre. 


It was built in 1913 and has lovely Edwardian features (a giant stained glass window, carved oak staircase, large windows) that were thankfully kept in tact during the renovation. It is not a huge building, but it has high ceilings and a lot of light. 

Stair Case and Stained Glass Window that says “Literature”
Old Window Frames

It is busy at all hours of the day. Locals take advantage of the free wi-fi and open desk space in the Reading Room on the second floor. The first floor is all bookshelves on one side and a children’s section on the other. There are two further rooms that can be reserved for private use ahead of time. 

It is wonderful to have a space like this to come and work among other people and to be surrounded by books. The best part is it is less than five minutes from my front door. On foot. 

Original Floors
Rathmines Public Library

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