Rock Lobster

I apologize. I am meant to be posting about a Victorian pub, but in the madness of the bank holiday weekend, I avoided town as much as I could. I didn’t darken the door of any pubs. Instead I have a little post about a restaurant Conor and I tried last week. 

That’s not a lobster….

Rock Lobster is a fancy new restaurant that sits above Kiely’s pub in Donnybrook. I always like walking through a classic pub up to a modern restaurant. Two Dublin’s in one. Rock Lobster is the first restaurant I’ve been to in Ireland that has a live lobster tank. I guess if “Lobster” is in your name, it’s a good idea to deliver right away. 

Conor and I decided to partake of the “couple’s meal deal” which is three courses and a bottle of house wine (white or red) for 59e. Seemed fair. The main courses on the A La Carte menu range from 18-26. That is about average for an upscale restaurant in town. 

The first course knocked our socks off. I mean, look at what I ordered. If I didn’t know what was in there, I would not have been able to guess. I bet you can’t either, but I’ll tell you: it’s a crab cake. The crab was very fresh and the pepper relish it was sitting on was the perfect condiment. 

Sea Creature?

Conor ejoyed his Imagelobster niçoise salad. The perfectly cooked quails egg with a parmesan crust was the highlight. This was the only lobster we ate, by the way. It was good. Tasted like lobster. 

Conor won the second course round with classic fish and chips. The fish was very fresh and the homemade tartar sauce was divine: tart, creamy and a bit spicy. My guinea foul did not come close. It was a very pretty presentation, but there wasn’t much flavor. The ratatouille needed lots of salt and pepper. It was not an exciting dish. 



We both wanted the pecan pie for dessert, but Conor was a gent and ordered the creme bruleé so we could try that as well. The pecan pie was not a “classic” pecan pie. The pecans were ground up with cinnamon, nutmeg and butter, then used as a filling in a classic pie shell. It was yummy (how could pecans, butter and sugar not be?), but left me dreaming of sticky, dark pie with whole pecans. The homemade vanilla bean ice cream was delicious. The creme bruleé tasted like every other creme bruleé you’ve ever had. That’s not to say it was bad; it was very good, but not life changing. 



The house wine (red) was good. The cocktail list is fantastic: extensive, old fashioned and not too pricey. We didn’t partake, however. School night. The service was quick and attentive. The dining room has dark wood floors, big windows and very bad art. 

All in all it was a very nice dinner. Would I go running back? Probably not. The food didn’t blow my mind taste-wise, and for that price, a slight mind blow would be expected. There are far better options in the city centre for that price. 

But that crab cake was gorgeous. As Conor’s mom, Sheila, pointed out: “If I could make a hat that looked like that, I’d be a millionaire.” 

Rock Lobster

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