The Stag’s Head

This Way to Stag’s Head

Two years ago after a long, frustrating rehearsal at the end of a long, frustrating week of rehearsals, my director (and friend) and I went for a pint in the Stag’s Head. We ordered two pints of Guinness. We didn’t speak much sitting at the little, round, marble topped table waiting for the pints to arrive. We didn’t have much to say. We were feeling a bit low, a bit overwhelmed and more than a bit tired. 

Pints arrived, a quick “cheers” clink, and sip….. We stopped–Guinness foam mustaches on each our upper lips–and stared at each other. We broke into huge grins and I said: “That is the best pint of Guinness I have ever had.” José agreed. 

All of a sudden, the sunshine coming through the old windows seemed warmer, the publicans were jollier, and we two started to relax. 

I had been a fan of the Stag’s Head before that August day, but I became devoted after that pint. 

Pub Scene

The Stag’s Head is a very popular Dublin pub. It is popular among tourists and locals alike. It is one of the first places I recommend to visitors. The location certainly plays a big part; it sits on the corner of Dame lane, just behind Dame Street facing George’s Street.  There is a mosaic inlay on Dame Street that points the way up a sneaky ally to the pub entrance. 


Inside, light filters through vintage stained glass windows. The ceilings are high and done in intricate, dark wood. Not surprisingly, there is a giant stags head over the pub bar. Old whisky barrels line the back wall and there is a vintage til that is more for decoration than use. 

Themed Windows

The Stag’s Head does pub grub in the form of sandwiches, chips, and chicken fingers. The food isn’t as high end as Ryan’s but it’s exactly what you need a few pints in. 

I could happily pass hours in The Stag’s Head, but if you want a good seat, you’d better get in early. 



The Stag’s Head

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