The Forty Foot, ’99s, and Happiness

We seem to have arrived back into an “Irish Summer”. I’m sitting at my desk watching the rain dance off our wooden deck and my very sad wicker bike basket. I’m sure the grass in St. Steven’s Green and Merrion Square is thrilled, however, as it had begun to turn yellow and crispy.

I was hoping to get another Dublin sea-side experience ticked off my list over the weekend, and I only sort of fulfilled that wish. We drove out to Dun Laoghaire on Saturday to visit a friend’s new house and to check out the ‘hood. Our friends new house is in Glasthule. At the end of their road is Glasthule Park which sits right on Dublin Bay. Not a bad vantage point any time of year, really.

Looking towards Dun Laoghaire

We walked south along the bay towards the famed Forty Foot. The Forty Foot is Dublin’s most famous diving/swimming locale. It is busy every day of the year. I feel as thought I shouldn’t really be writing about it because I didn’t leap into the sea from one of the high rocks. A) I didn’t have my swimming suit and B) Frankly it was just too cold. Unlike last weekend when the air was hot, Saturday brought warm air only and a very chilly northerly breeze. To be honest, even if I had had my suit, it would have taken a lot for me to jump. I am holding out for another hot day. I’m sure it will happen.

A humble sign for a famous place

We did participate in the other main event of an Irish summer: ’99s. These ’99s were some of the best I’ve ever had. You know real cream when you get it.

Happy (grown-up) Boys and their ’99s

I’m still not used to walking around and seeing people in swim suits leaping or wading into the sea. Yet, all along the Bay, this was what I was looking at.

The past few days, even with their return to a more realistic Irish summer (read: sunglasses and umbrellas both at the ready at all times!), still make me so grateful to live in this city.


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