There are days and weeks when life happens faster than you can keep up with it. The past four days have been that for me. I got a job on a Fringe Festival show on Friday afternoon, and started rehearsals immediately on Saturday morning. Rehearsals are taking place just off Capel Street. The area around Capel Street is not one I know well. After my Saturday lunch experience, though, I am sure I will know it a lot better. 

Oxmantown is just off Capel Street on a very quiet corner. It is a small, bright shop front with a simple, to-the-point menu. It serves one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. 

Wall Menu

There is not a huge amount to choose from, and in my experience, this always makes a restaurant/deli/coffee shop all the better. This is a sandwich joint; you are not faced with salad options, juice options, etc. There are a few delicious looking dessert options, and hot and cold beverages. What more do you need?

Chalk Board Drinks Menus

Between my 5 cast-mates and I, we ordered all but one sandwich on the menu. Each of us was delighted with our lunch. Our sandwich experience was the main lunch time topic of conversation. Only really, really delicious food becomes a main topic of conversation while you are eating it. 


I decided to embrace my NY roots and go for pastrami on rye. The pickles and sourkraut were homemade. The bread was baked that morning. There was just enough cheese to taste it, but not enough to take away from the yummy, salty pastrami. 

I felt perfectly sated after my meal; not full, not ill, not hungry. 

I loved the pots of tomatoes and peppers growing on the counters next to the floor-to-ceiling windows. I loved the little wooden stools to sit on, and the chalk-board menus. I loved the smell of grilled cheese and fresh bread. There wasn’t anything in Oxmantown that I simply liked. 

Peppers and a View

Get there. Get a sandwich. Get happy. 


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