Dublin Theatre World’s Christmas and New Year

We are half way through the 2014 Fringe Festival and on Saturday night a friend and fellow theatre-maker shouted over the din in the Fringe Club that September and October are like the Dublin theatre world’s Christmas and New Years. From the start of the Fringe on the 5th of September, to the closing of the Dublin International Theatre Festival on the 13th of October, Dublin’s theatre people are rushing around the city like crazed rabbits. We hop from one theatre or venue to the next across the city stopping only for drinks and chats with our peers along the way. It is an exhausting, thrilling, challenging, brilliant month of madness. 

The show that I was a part of (FUSED) had a great five night run last week. I love being in the thick of it all: sharing tiny dressing rooms with two other casts, living on candy and coffee for at least three days, not knowing how the heck the show will be ready for opening night (but knowing deep down it always is), and then getting to celebrate the relief with bow to a grateful audience. 

This week I get to enjoy seeing other people’s work. I have a play to see every night this week, and I’ll probably see at least one matinee. It sounds a lot like total overload, but I never get bored. I am constantly impressed by my peers’ and colleagues’ creativity and hard work. The shows that I see every year in the Fringe challenge me to do more as an artist myself. It reminds us all, as theatre-makers, what is possible and what we can create when we decide to see an idea through to the end. 

In two weeks time we will all be shadows of our former selves. We’ll need a few weeks of detox, and we won’t want to put a toe over the threshold of a theatre until at least November. But right now, I am enjoying the ride (and the view) from the crest of the Theatre-Mania wave. 


Websites for the Festivals:




Dublin Theatre World’s Christmas and New Year

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