Irish Laundry

It takes someone who is NOT living in Europe to remind me about the little European habits I have adopted seamlessly into my life over the past three years. 

One of those is laundry. 

GOOD NEWS: Irish rental properties almost always come with washing machines, often washer/dryers. In NYC finding a rental with washer/dryer is like discovering buried treasure. 

NOT GREAT NEWS: The dryer aspect of a little European washer/dryer really isn’t the best. Some hanging out of clothes is necessary. I always hang out all my clothes. We only use the dryer to “finish off” the sheets and make them toasty before re-making the bed. TMI? Mabye…

FRUSTRATING NEWS: Hanging out 18 pairs of socks is maybe my least favorite thing in the whole entire world. Ever. (But I would rather hang out socks than be stuck between stations on the 2 train on an August afternoon with the AC shut off.) 

BUT THE GOOD NEWS WITH THAT: is that clothes (including socks) last a lot longer. None of my delicates have ever been subjected to a dryer. In NYC it was just easier to drop my whole bag off at the Korean laundry across the road and pay them the $10 for the full wash/dry/fold service. Not great for my more delicate (or white) materials. But better for my life. Though I fully appreciate the romance of sitting in a laundromat for six hours, it is not so romantic when you have to read the same VOGUE, from 1998, twice. 

Hanging out your washing is “old fashioned” for most Americans. It was something I only ever had to do when visiting my grandparents over the summers. The little bit of extra time it takes, though, does help my clothes last longer and it is better for the environment. So, yes, I feel a bit smug. Even as I am cursing the BF’s 18 pairs of socks. I try to just pretend I am in a Laura Ingalls Wilder novel, and remember that old fashioned, time consuming chores are good. For many reasons. 

The laundry was hung by the heater with care.
Irish Laundry

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