Staple Foods

Juicing and Juice Detoxes have found their way to Dublin. They were especially prevalent over the Christmas/New Year holidays with everyone getting ready to detox in January. Though I don’t know many people who did do a full-on juice cleanse, most people have at least tried a juice or have opinions about juicing. 

I personally enjoy a juice every now and again. I’ve never done a full detox, but I have on a few occasions replaced lunch or dinner with a juice. Staple Foods in Merchant’s Arch is good place to get your juice fix if you just want one, but they’ve got you covered if you want to go for a three day “cleanse”. 

Merchant’s Arch, in Temple Bar, is not a Dublin location that could be associated with health, raw food, slow food or, indeed, even healthy food. But this tiny shop popped up at the end of last year, and every time I’ve dropped in I’ve enjoyed myself fully.



Most recently I popped in and tried one of their meals. Very cleverly, they have four “items” which can be had in a grain roll, or in either a small or large salad. There is pulled pork, duck, chicken or falafel. I had the pulled pork the other evening (I find any pork product hard to pass up), in its large salad from, and it was very tasty. It could have used a bit more salt, but I suppose when you are eating at a place that specializes in cold-pressed juices everything is going to taste “healthy”. And it did taste healthy and delicious. The prices are also rather delicious. 

Ok, so maybe I’m not the best food photographer….

The falafel is also scrummy but I would go for the wrap faster than the salad option on that one. And all the juices are delicious too. They have three types: one carrot and orange based, one beet and ginger based, and the last one, the green one, has kale, spinach and spirulina. I’m partial to the beet juice, but that could be because it is such a stunning color more than anything else.  All the juices are “pressed” in store which means they are fresh as fresh can be. 


Staple Foods is teeny tiny, but is well conceived and decorated. Subway tiles, colorful doorknobs that hold up the menus, small chalk boards on which the menus are written, and burlap covered tables all add to the cute wholesomeness of the place. It’s the perfect place to pop into as you pass from South to North Dublin (or vice versa), and a lovely little respite from the fast food of Temple Bar. 

Staple Foods

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