Dillinger’s is so clearly ripped off NYC restaurants that when they re-designed the interior last year, they decided to actually say on the menu that this is a “New York inspired eatery”. 


Last week we went in for their fabulous Friday deal: a foot-long chili hot dog and a whisky sour for 15 euro. America meets Dublin. Hot dogs and whisky. And you thought TGIF couldn’t get any better. 

The bar tender’s took their time with the sours, but it was worth it. They were strong, lemony and the orange peel garnish sunk down into the eggy foam. In fact, we were most of the way through our first sour by the time the dogs arrived at the table. I didn’t care too much that the dog itself was more room temperature than piping hot. It didn’t really bug me that the buns are a bit fall-y-apart-y. That’s not to say that the food wasn’t good. It was good. It wasn’t great. But the whiskey sour made up for that and also made sure we didn’t really care about the food. 

Yes, yes I would eat that again.

Other American items that grace the diner-style menu include such healthy options as nachos and burgers. The diner vibe is lifted a notch on the cocktail list. Famous old cocktails such as a Negroni are featured. Not just hot dogs, burgers and beers at this joint. And you’ll pay for the slick, American-ness of it all as well. Dillinger’s isn’t a particularly cheap night out. 

It is the kind of place where you need to book a seat. Even to sit at the bar. Young couples with good jobs were there in pairs and foursomes. More red lips on the ladies and skinny jeans on both genders. Because of the Ranelagh location, it’s definitely more of a “local” hangout then you would find in the city centre. 

Diner of the Future

The interior design is fun. It’s like a diner of the future, complete with checkerboard floors. They’ve done well with the space making the bar central with old fashioned diner menus above it. It’s not very big, which is why booking is essential. Especially if you want that Friday night deal. And did I mention you’ve got to hoof it from work and be there before 7pm if you want to partake? Well, don’t say I didn’t warn you. 


Dillinger’s: http://www.dillingers.ie 



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