Guinness Dublin Porter


Last night when C and I went for our cheeky Sunday pint in Slattery’s, I noticed that they had the new Guinness Dublin Porter on tap. Now, let’s be clear right up front: Guinness Dublin Porter is not Guinness. Guinness is Guinness is Guinness. Dublin Porter is made by Guinness, but not as a replacement (or even an equal) to the original.

I have been curious since I saw the ad on a billboard a few weeks ago to try it. But I was delighted when C wanted to order it as I really felt like having the classic last eve; I wasn’t feeling brave.

Dublin Porter is delicious. It’s a lighter Guinness. It’s sweeter and has more fizz. It’s the same sexy black as the original Guinness, but the white head is not as velvety or thick. It will be really delicious when the weather warms up and we can sit by the canal and sip it.

Yes, I KNOW that a Porter and a Stout are two totally different beers (see here), so comparison between these two is a moot point. Guinness is branding the Porter as a “project”.  Dublin Porter is a successful project I feel, and I am glad it’s an option.


Guinness Dublin Porter

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