Iced Cubano

The Original Iced Cubano in LA
The Original Iced Cubano in LA

I’m sure that if you have read my blog before, during the summer months especially, you will know that I am an iced coffee obsessive. It’s one of my favorite beverages.

Two years ago C and I went to LA. One of my besties who still lives out there introduced me to The Iced Cubano. She didn’t mean to drive me wild. We didn’t go to The Sycamore Kitchen specifically to get an Iced Cubano, but that was the item that has haunted my dreams since.

The Iced Cubano is:

Two shots of espresso over ice

Cinnamon Simple Syrup

Milk or Half and Half

Simple. I mean, it seems simple enough to do, right? Well, I have spent some time on the recreation of the Iced Cubano in my kitchen nearly 6,000 miles away.

Recently Dublin has had a “heat wave”. I overheard a woman on the street yesterday say, “I can’t get anything done in this heat.” We have yet to crack 80F, but yeah, for Dublin it’s hot. The sun has shone for three days straight.

It is iced coffee weather.

So I think I have nailed it. Here’s my Irish American Breakfast version of an Iced Cubano:

1 tbl pure maple syrup (you can use agave if you prefer, but the maple adds a depth of flavour which I believe you will appreciate. Being from Maple Syrup country, I have to use it.)

1 tbl water

1/2 stick GOOD cinnamon (get the good stuff. Spend the money.)

Cold Press Iced Coffee*

Full fat milk or half and half.**

Step One: For syrup: combine the cinnamon, maple syrup and water in a small pot. Heat to boil, stir often, remove from heat. When cool, store in a bottle or plastic container in the fridge. Keep some of the cinnamon stick with it.

Step Two: Pour a smidge of the syrup into the bottom of a glass (tastes vary, the syrup is very sweet, so be aware). Add your perfect amount of milk or half n half. Swirl to combine.

Step Three: Pour in the cold press brew until the liquid turns your favorite light brown colour.

Step Four: Add copious amounts of ice.

Ice is another one of my bugaboos. There is nothing sadder than making an iced coffee to discover you only have one or two ice cubes in the freezer. To avoid the depths of despair, make sure you ice store is hearty.

This is a very easy way to enjoy a really delicious iced coffee. And yeah, maybe Irish summer is over (sure, we can’t expect it to last forever), but as long as the temp is above freezing, an Iced Cubano is always a treat.

It is my dream that maybe some clever café in town will read this and get it on their menus!

My homemade version. And yes, I did drink half of it before it was photographed.
My homemade version. And yes, I did drink half of it before it was photographed.

*There are many ways to make Cold Press iced coffee, I do it like this: fill one french press with 5-6 heaping spoons of your favorite ground beans. Add cold water over them. Stir vigorously for up to one minute, until you feel the grains and water have combined to a murky sludge. Put the top on the press, but DO NOT press down. Set in your fridge and leave for at least 10-12 hours before pressing and enjoying. It should be stronger than a normal french press coffee, so keep that in mind.

**Have linked to my half and half post from a while back.

Iced Cubano

2 thoughts on “Iced Cubano

  1. Betsy Gill says:

    why wait for some clever cafe to get ahead of you…you should have an iced cubano cart ready to go for the festival!!!

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