147 Deli


“There’s a new deli with amazing sandwiches on Parnell St,” said C to me one day.

“Parnell St? But when are we going to Parnell St.?”

“Well, if you’re ever in the area, I mean. It’s just good to know.”

My husband knows me well. I do like to know about the good sandwich joints around the city. As luck would have it, we have just rented a room to use as an office. It’s right above Parnell St. Coincidence? I made a trip to 147 Deli last week.

It’s hard to get into 147 Deli because of all the road works. This won’t last, obviously, and if you are in the area, it is worth the trouble. It’s certainly one of the best bets for lunch.


When I walked in, I immediately liked the giant map of Dublin on the wall. I want one. The menu for coffee and sandwiches is on the facing wall over the sandwich bar. There were a few pre-made, pre-wrapped sambos piled under the menu ready to go for the lunch rush.


C had the healthier wrap option and I went for the daily special of chicken, avocado, cheese, lettuce and tomato. They didn’t get it quite right and brought me the steak melt, which I have to say looked amazing. I did ask for my special, though, and returned the steak. My sandwich was hard to eat, but delicious. I would have preferred to have the thick-cut sourdough bread toasted. I’m sure I could have asked if I’d known it was so fresh and crumbly. C was very happy with his choice.


I picked up a coffee on my way out. Standard. Not overly mind-blowing but a good, solid cappuccino. The prices are certainly right: nothing over a tenner and most things under 9. There is a lunch deal where you get a coffee and sandwich for 9.50. If you go for milky coffee creations this is a very good deal.

I wouldn’t make the trip across town for 147 Deli, but I am very glad it that is there for the days when I am in the “office”.




147 Deli

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