You know a place must be cool when they don’t need to put a “The” in their name. And if the worst thing you can say about a dining establishment is that the tiny milk pitcher was drippy, they probably deserve to drop the “The”.

Richmond opened only a few weeks ago just down the road from our house. If more of these fantastic local eateries keep popping up on our doorstep C and I will have to figure out how to live in a small, one-bedroom cottage forever. FOREVER.


We popped into Richmond for lunch on Saturday. It wasn’t too busy and we nabbed the good seat in the window. The other customers were basically us: 20-30 something couples out for their late breakfast, early weekend lunch.


The menu is not to big, but there’s something for everyone. C got the baked eggs and was delighted with himself. Mushrooms on toast with gruyere cheese and truffle oil drizzle was the first item on the menu and the one that won my heart immediately. I never really saw what else was on offer.


The space is small and cozy. It feels less flash then a lot of the other new places cropping up. There is exposed brick, but no subway tiles. There is a simple colour scheme but some design-y light fixtures. It’s comfortable.


There is a dinner menu that hits all the bases as well as the successful lunch/brunch offerings.

Richmond could become our favorite neighborhood joint.



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