Bow Lane Brunch


At Bow Lane on Saturday morning, I turned into a Restaurant Jerk. I became the guy who makes a fuss about food, or argues over what can and cannot be served. I am never that guy. If my meal comes out and is missing an item promised to me on the menu, I won’t say anything. If my burger isn’t cooked perfectly, I let it slide. On Saturday, I ordered the Truffle Egg Toast, and this is how I morphed into Restaurant Jerk:

Me: I’d like the Truffle Egg Toast, please, but may I have the egg well cooked?

Server: Oh, um, I actually don’t know if you can. It’s a poached egg.

Me: Right, and I would just like it to be cooked a bit longer. I’m not supposed to eat runny yolks at the moment.*

Server: Well, you see, the egg is cooked in the toast, it’s all put under the grill, and if we try to cook it longer the toast will burn.

This was my moment to say, “ok, well, let me have a look at something else, then, give me a second. What might you recommend?”

But instead, I said, “is there really no way you could cook the egg first and then put it in the toast?”

Server: You see, they crack the egg in the bread and cook it all together. That’s just how it’s done.

I’m thinking “let it go, it’s fine, I’m bummed, but let it go,” and I’m saying,

Me: And there is no other way to do it?

Server: I’m so sorry. But the Eggs Benedict is really good and we can definitely poach your eggs longer?

Me: Let me see . . . . Um . . .

At this stage my husband and my friend are thinking “Annie! Decide! Who cares! Oh man, we’re sitting with the Restaurant Jerk.”

Me: Ok, fine. I’ll have the Eggs Benedict I guess. With the eggs well cooked. Please.

You know what? The Eggs Benedict was pretty darn tasty. There was plenty of slow cooked salty ham, wilted spinach, crispy sourdough bread in place of a muffin and just the right amount of hollandaise sauce. My eggs were cooked perfectly.

The Eggs Benedict

C ordered the Eggs, Greens and Grains which was colorful on arrival and colorful in the mouth. The freekeh, a grain I hadn’t heard of before, was cooked with a kind of pesto and there were plenty of roast vegetables. It was also hilarious to watch C struggle with the full roast leek on this plate.

Eggs, Grains, and Greens

Our friend had the pancakes and I’m glad she did. Someone had to provide desert. The ‘cakes themselves live somewhere between a crepe and an American pancake and were stacked tall before being drowned in a maple caramel sauce and some cream for good measure. There were also bananas.


Our coffees were tasty, the room was dark and cosy. Though the brunch is delicious, I did feel that Bow Lane is somewhere you want to be in the evening. When the sun is shining outside it’s hard to sit in a dimmed room with dark wood and leather. However, I like to imagine myself surrounded by that dark wood and leather on a rainy night with one of the many cocktails on the list.

There is a bar menu and a restaurant menu for evening. Some items overlap. The space is large, so even though Bow Lane is quite popular, you should definitely try to squeeze in. I will, because you can’t judge a place just on its brunch, right?



*I am currently pregnant and have been told to avoid runny yolks, but like all pregnancy advice, there is always some wiggle room and frankly, I probably could have eaten the Truffle Egg Toast. The whole thing just became competitive for me. I turned into a Restaurant Jerk.


Bow Lane Brunch

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