Exchequer Ranelagh


When I lived in Dublin in 2001-2002, there wasn’t a huge selection of brunch venues. Places that were open on Sunday late morning, early afternoon would serve a version of a Full Irish and variations thereof. Occasionally you would find a dish with hollandaise sauce.

Brunch is now a common weekend meal for most Dubliners, and there are plenty of wonderful choices around town. We are spoiled for choice!

Because we are spoiled for choice is is always a bummer to stumble across a Bad Brunch. C and I were in a bit of a fix on Valentine’s day. We’d already eaten Anguier Danger donuts in bed, and were about to head out for a big walk so we needed some sustenance. We were taking the Luas from Ranelagh so we decided to pop into Exchequer on our way.

Exchequer has a post on Exchequer Street in town. They migrated out to Ranelagh over a year ago. I had never been. We had the place to ourselves, being a bit early for Dublin brunch. American brunch starts about 11.30 or so. Dublin brunch usually starts about 1/1.30. The space is vast and well laid out. We sat under the skylights in the back.

The menu was largely variations on eggs. I chose a vegetarian breakfast bruschetta and C had the meat version which was the same as mine plus black pudding and a side of bacon. Neither of us was totally satisfied.


I had gotten excited about the roast tomatoes and black olives, but the black olives on my plate were out of a tin. The beans were also from a tin and the side salad was straight from a plastic bag of mixed baby greens. C’s bacon wasn’t cooked enough.

The prices of the dishes are equal to most brunch prices around town, but the quality was not up to scratch. This brunch might have been super in 2002, but when there are so many fantastic brunch options, there really isn’t time for canned beans and tinned olives.


Exchequer Ranelagh

One thought on “Exchequer Ranelagh

  1. Ranelagh has a few of these chancers – I tried eggs florentine in Hobart’s once and the hollandaise was the most atrocious slime I’ve ever seen. Worse still, when I told the server that wasn’t recognisably hollandaise (not to mention inedible) she shrugged and couldn’t care less. Beware of Ranelagh unknowns! And yuck to Lidl olives served up as pricey treats…!

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