Irish Air Mail Stamps


Because I am very well brought up (thanks Mom!), I write thank you notes. I love stationary and pens and the whole process of organizing the writing of thank you notes. I am a thank you note writing nerd.

No one doesn’t like getting a non-bill piece of mail through your letter box or in your post office box. Writing a thank you note is a very easy way to give someone a little jolt of happiness in their day.

Because all of my most recent thank you notes were going back to the States, I had to buy international stamps. American international stamps or “forever” stamps usually have an¬†American flag on them. Some are more interesting, and when you buy books of stamps there are always fun ones to choose from.

lizard otter

As far as I know, you can’t choose what stamps to use when sending post in Ireland. You take what you’re given. The Irish are not overly patriotic but they are certainly proud to be Irish. Yet there is nothing remotely Irish about the international stamps. If they didn’t say √Čire on them, you might not guess where the letter had come from.

I like the international stamps though. I think they are fun (the badger one, for instance) and playful (like the otter) and also kind of weird (the underwater creatures). I suppose I am surprised that there isn’t a Molly Malone flying across the Atlantic to all those American fans, or Joyce with his monocle, or Beckett’s craggy visage. Or even a lovely pint of Guinness.

Instead, I get to figure out which of my recipients reminds me most of a wren, and which a badger.

badger wren

Irish Air Mail Stamps