Some Irish Made Cold Brew! YES! Welcome CLOUD PICKER!


After our big walk from Greystones to Bray last week, my aunt, cousin and I stumbled out of Pearse Street DART station and into the Science Gallery. The Science Gallery deserves a post of it’s own, so watch this space.

We were going to order a cup (or three) of tea at the café, but I noticed in the glass-doored standing fridge that there were bottles of cold brew iced coffee! I had never seen such a thing in Dublin before. My little heart leapt! I LOVE a cold brew. (not that I have to tell my trusted readers that. Thank you trusted readers 😉 )

Please welcome to the stage CLOUD PICKER COLD BREW!

There were two “flavors” available. They aren’t flavors such as chocolate or vanilla, they are flavored because of the roast and wash of the bean. These guys are serious.

The server at the café told us that most people prefer the “green one”. As there were three of us, and all of us agreed there was no need to have three coffees (it was five in the evening after all), we decided to try both.

I didn’t expect them to taste quite so different. I’m not sure I could taste “plum” of the pink one but maybe I just have a lousy palette. It definitely tasted more citrusy. The green one somehow tasted richer. We voted for green too. Following the herd!

I would recommend trying both, though! Choose for yourself! Life your life!

I am happy to know that these bottles of cool black goodness can be found in a few cafés around the city. I owe the Science Gallery a post, though, so perhaps I shall head back there first!

"Green One.
“Green One.”
"Pink One"
“Pink One”
Some Irish Made Cold Brew! YES! Welcome CLOUD PICKER!