Coppa at the Royal Hibernian Academy


Ok, ok, ok, another gallery I didn’t know existed with another lovely Dublin café. Will wonders never cease? How long have I lived here (five years) and how often have I walked down Baggot Street (many) and how often have I turned up the road to the RHA (never)? Well, I did it today.

My sister suggested we meet there. I’d never heard of it. What? I said to C, “hey, Biz just got me about this awesome café at the RHA. Where even is that?” C said, “oh yeah, Coppa! It’s great! Duck and I used to go there a lot when our office was around the corner.” Ok, so maybe I am the last to know?


I went specifically to go to Coppa. I needed a middle of the day place to get lunch and a coffee and sit and do some writing. Coppa is perfect for this. The modern facade of the RHA, with it’s glass floor to ceiling windows looks out onto “classic Dublin” Ely Place. It’s a quiet, beautiful Georgian street with carnations in the first floor window boxes. CUTE.


Coppa is cozy, but sleekly designed. Good wood, grey details, a chalkboard and a pile of cakes and scones. The coffee is good, the menu is not too large, and I was happy to find a good range of cookbooks to peruse as a form of procrastination.

The clientele looks like a Fumbally overflow: young, busy, attractive Dubliners getting a healthy lunch. All the sandwiches come with soup (which I had. Tomato and basil. Very hearty and lightly spicy) or a choice of salads. The prices are in line with all the cafés in town.


I arrived about 11.30 and it was fairly quiet without being slow. It got properly busy and buzzy at lunch time, then at about 1.45 it started to quiet down again.

I had the smoked salmon sandwich: open faced, beets, horseradish creme, avocado, rocket and a generous helping of salmon. It was all on homemade Guinness and treacle bread. Win.


The only thing that was not perfect was that the service was slow. I wasn’t sure (and I’m not positive they were either) about whether to order at the counter or at my seat. Both times I got up and had to find someone to take my order. It’s busy, but not really busy enough for that nonsense.

On this particular trip I didn’t get to visit the gallery. I will be back though. Coppa is pretty sweet, and from what I saw of the gallery already, I’m itching for more. I love a new Dublin discovery!

Coppa at the Royal Hibernian Academy