The Happy Pear


I am not the first, nor shall I be the last, to wax lyrical about The Happy Pear in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.

My first experience with this jewel box of a grocery store/café/organic food movement came about four years ago. I’d just walked over to Greystones from Bray along the cliffs. (That cliff-walk is well worth doing if you are visiting Dublin.) It was March. As I walked into Greystones’ village, there was The Happy Pear with boxes of fresh produce piled outside looking like a sea of heavenly, tasty vitamins and hydration to this weary walker. On the top shelf were fresh passion fruits! Passion fruits! In March! In Ireland!

The little grocery store is stocked with organic fruits and veg., homemade pesto (which you can find in other shops around Dublin which is a GOOD THING), organic dried fruits and nut butters; it’s the usual health-food fair.


The café serves two or three hot meals a day with a selection of four salads. The plates are HEAPED with organic vegetarian food. It’s a lot of bang for your buck (or euro). On my most recent trip (pre cliff walk with my aunt and cousin), I had the aubergine bake. It was cheesy and warm and rich. My aunt had a black bean curry that was warm and spicy and my cousin had the soup of the day with homemade brown bread. We were all not only happy with the taste sensations while eating, but totally fueled up for our long walk too.

The Happy Pear caters to those with crazy sweet-tooths as well. They make incredible gluten free, refined sugar free treats like the raw twix bar and tiffen bars. We had one raw twix and one chocolate caramel bar. Rich is an understatement but that didn’t stop us from eating them.


The Happy Pear is run by the Happy Pair Flynn Twins. They have just put out a cookbook. They run week-long detox programs and workshop nights that help people get on the “good food, good body, good brain” gravy train. They are hard to resist.

I don’t have to tell you all that I am a huge supporter of Irish food, and The Happy Pear is just about everything that is so great about this healthy Irish food movement.

Just a View of Some Passing Rain Along the Cliffs
Just a View of Some Passing Rain Along the Cliffs
The Happy Pear