I realize that coupled with my last post I am getting off the “theme” of this blog a bit. Like my post before the 22 May Marriage Referendum, I want to use this platform to support a movement happening right now. #WakingTheFeminists has exploded onto social media and into newspapers around the world. As a female actor living in Ireland, it clearly affects me and those close to me.

When people in the States ask me why I moved to Dublin, one of the many reasons I list is that “I can work at what I love. I can do what I want.” Dublin is a much easier place to be an independent theatre maker and actor than New York or London. Sure, it’s a smaller pond, but this pond is very supportive and full of incredibly talented fish.

When I want to do something, be it audition for a role in a play or TV show, or even do my own one-woman show, I know that I can call or email someone who will respond to me. I can get seen for auditions. I know that with a little time and elbow grease I can make my own show happen. Once I make it happen I know that “people who matter” (ie casting directors, directors, producers) will come and see it if I invite them. It’s a small town. I know people. I know people who know people. Those people–all of them!–want me to succeed.

Yet I often have to make my own work, or think about new projects that I want to grease with both my elbows because often there just aren’t roles for me. There isn’t enough work for female actors in Dublin. But why aren’t female playwrights and directors getting more work?

Dublin is not alone in this. But Dublin is FULL of talented women actors, directors, artistic directors, casting directors, producers, playwrights and designers. There has been a massive outcry about the lack of representation for all of this female talent, specifically at The Abbey Theatre.

I am going to the Abbey on Thursday the 12th to lend my support to this movement and listen to all the points of view as to how we can move forward. “We” being women AND men of all artistic bents who are ready to focus on gender equality in the workplace.

I’m excited to be living in Dublin during a time of great cultural shift. Yes, of course “it’s about time!” but now is now and I’m grateful I can be a part of it.

Follow #wakingthefeminists and http://www.wakingthefeminists.wordpress.com for all the information about the forum tomorrow and the plan for the future.


Tiger Dublin Fringe! Get Out There!

September and October in Dublin are the High Holy Days of Independent Theatre. The Tiger Dublin Fringe has just entered its second week and The Dublin International Fringe Festival kicks off on the 24th of September.

I have seen three shows in the Fringe so far. But this is not about what I’ve seen and what I’ve liked. It is hard to go wrong this year with either of these festivals. Get out there and book some tickets. Most plays are under an hour and under 15 quid. You can’t lose!

The Speigletent is back this year, in Wolfe Tone Sq and there are some fantastic acts in there all week.

My radio show and podcast, Trivial Cahoots, has interviewed many performers and theatre makers over the past week and more to come over the next weeks. Follow along on that adventure here: http://www.trivialcahoots.wordpress.com. !

Dublin is buzzing. This is SUCH a fun time to be in and around town. Take advantage because huge talent is found at every turn!

Fringe Festival: http://www.fringefest.com

DITF: http://www.dublintheatrefestival.com

Tiger Dublin Fringe! Get Out There!