Pho Ta


A few weekends ago I read a review of a new Vietnamese restaurant on Capel Street. Looking it up late last week, not remembering the name of it, visions of Pho and Banh Mi in my head, the Internet directed me instead to a Vietnamese place in Temple Bar. In TEMPLE BAR?! What?! How long has this been going on?

Pho Ta is, in fact, in Temple Bar and has been for a while. Why it has only now crossed my path is a mystery I shall leave to the Universe. I will simply be grateful that the discovery happened at all.

C and I met up for a quick lunch at Pho Ta over the weekend. Most of the clientele were young Asian students, none of whom was speaking English. I heard Korean and Japanese and one language I wasn’t sure of. There is a lunch deal (starter, main, drink) every day of the week and Saturday. We opted to share a starter (crab spring rolls) and each went for our own main course.


The spring rolls (their proper Vietnamese name escapes me) were tasty and wolfed down too quickly to even discuss the finer points of the fillings. The sauce was tangy and sweet.

I opted for the chicken Pho, or Pho Ga. Nothing beats a nice chicken soup on a cold day. It was not at all boring; salty, meaty and packed full of vegetables. I always love a dish that comes with “add ons” that I can “add on” myself. I got a plate piled high with coriander, fresh chilies, and bean sprouts. On every table is extra fish sauce and a potent bright orange hot sauce. Everything extra on offer went into my pho at one point or another. I was happy to have a packet of tissues for extra nose blowing; always a good sign!

C had a Vietnamese version of meatballs which he was very happy with. His add on included some of the tangy, sweet sauce from the starter to go with his rice noodels as well as bean sprouts and a green salad. He was satisfied, and also delighted. Not bad for a wet Saturday afternoon.

Having a handy, affordable new lunch spot in Temple Bar is always a winner.


Pho Ta