The Purty Kitchen Supper Club


“It’s like a wedding!” said my friend, Ruth, as we all sat down at a long table in front of a stage. She wasn’t really speaking about the fact that there was a stage; it was more that we were at a table with 15 of our close friends about to eat a meal and enjoy some music.

The Purty Kitchen in Dun Laoghaire (that’s Dun Leery for American readers) has been around for ages. I have never had reason to go. It’s that little bit far away from home (especially without a car) and that little bit expensive. Last Saturday, though, the incredible We Banjo 3 playing a gig there was the perfect excuse to get in.

We weren’t eating in the restaurant proper. There is a Supper Club on the weekends (and a few cheeky weeknights) upstairs. There are about twenty-twenty-five tables of varying sizes dotted around the big open room. There is a stage at the front, a bar at the back.


The menu is a smaller/simpler version of the one from the restaurant downstairs. I had a smoked fish paté and duck for my dinner. Most of the men had chicken wings to start then the lamb shank. A few friends had the goats cheese and spinach filo pastry, and a few had cod. You get the idea. It isn’t food that knocks anyone’s socks off; but people aren’t necessarily there for the amazing food.

The food was NOT bad, by the way. It just wasn’t stand out fabulous. I did eat all the duck and was very happy.

We were all thrilled by the music though. It is a wonderful place to see music because the audience is basically on stage too. A whole new crowd of revelers files in after dinner and can sit or stand around the bar. Ireland being Ireland, there is no AC, so when the weather warms up and the band gets going and the audience is digesting . . . it gets a bit warm. Don’t wear too many clothes in the summer months.

I kind of wish they had started the music a little earlier. Maybe even during our dinner. There was a bit of a lull, then new people arriving . . . yeah, it actually did feel just like an Irish wedding.

I recommend keeping an eye on what’s coming up at The Purty Kitchen. If it’s someone you like, it is a great place to see them. And please, please check out We Banjo 3. They are awesome.

That's Us. Enjoying Ourselves.
That’s Us. Enjoying Ourselves.
The Purty Kitchen Supper Club