Amsterdam Part II: Things in Windows

I could walk around Amsterdam all day, every day. I don’t know if I could get bored of the wonky storybook buildings, the lazy canals, the cozy bars and coffee shops . . . maybe it’s better not to find out. Leave wanting more!


One of my favorite things was walking around and looking into people’s houses. Nothing makes this little creep happier than spying a lovely living room, a well-kept kitchen, or a stuffed bookcase. I love getting a glimpse of how people design and decorate their homes. Happily for me, the Dutch are very open. Rarely were shades or curtains drawn.

“Look at their orchids!”

“Wow, I love a bookcase that goes over the doorway.”

” I want to have that kitchen.”

And on and on. C and I were ready to move into a few houses around the city.


There were also some fun surprises that greeted us as we looked up and around the city too.

A fierce nun,


The three graces on a balcony taking the sun,


And this creepy fellow probably trying to dissuade me from my peeping ways,


Though the museums were fantastic, the two gigs we went to (one comedy, one music) were moving and so enjoyable, just walking around Amsterdam and getting glimpses into life there was the best.

Amsterdam Part II: Things in Windows